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Hyperion Theme + Template System

Colorful NXT-Generation hybrid Theme / Template system for Keynote and Pages.


At a Glance

I designed a vibrant new Theme + Template system for Keynote & Pages that's bold, bright, and brimming with colorful optimism.

Hyperion was built to be uniquely assertive without sacrificing clarity or ease of use. Classical structure and crisp, bold type is paired with a gradient of liquid color that effortlessly frames bullets, photos and styled narrative alike. Colorful Title & Callout slides bookend a range of crisp, white Content and Narrative slides, all set against a refined, classically-informed editorial grid with an intuitive visual hierarchy.

The complete Hyperion system includes an expanded library of Template Extension add-ons that make it easy to add timelines, device mockups, and map visualizations – along with an extensive Pages Template library that expands the Hyperion asthetic to a complete small-business document system.

My Roles
Theme System Design, Theme Architecture & Implementation, Template Library Implementation (Keynote / Pages)
Hyperion quickly became one of KeynotePro's best-selling theme & template packages, remaining in the Top-10 ranking to this day.
Hyperion Theme Preview in Keynote

Theme Cores

The Hyperion System is built around full-spec Keynote theme cores (.kth), including a library of 40+ slide masters that capture the essential layout archetypes, styles, and scaffolding for the extended system.

Hyperion Theme Core Preview in Keynote
Executive Message and Callout Title over Caption - SD format
Banded Photo Master - HD
Bleed and Inset image style variation - SD format
Hyperion Overview in Keynote for iOS
3 Percentage Comparison and default Chart Styles preview - SD format
Callout Title over Contrast Caption - HD

Template Extensions

A library of Template Extension add-ons makes it easy to add multiple styles of Timelines, Pricing Tables, Device Mockups, and Map Visualization slides to Hyperion-themed presentations.

Map Visualization Kit Preview in Keynote.
Milestone Timeline and Icon Pricing Table
Device Mockup Templates - 2-iPhone Detail Mockup
Device Mockup Templates - iPad Pro and Apple Watch mockups - SD Format

Pages Template Library

The Hyperion system is further extended and adapted to Pages, with a comprehensive Template System including essential business papers, reports & proposals, multiple brochure formats, posters, and the signature newsletter template – along with new, auto-formatting Smart Calendar Template add-ons.

Proposal Template preview in Pages on MacOS
Basic Business Papers preview - Letterhead, Resume, and Invoice
Horizontal Brochure – Text over Bleed Photo
Horizontal Brochure – Text and 3-Photo Grid
Newsletter - Layered Cover and Feature Article pages
Smart Calendar Template - Layered, Banded, and Bleed variants.